Welcome to the Halloween event

You are about to embark on a quest, but before you go, here are the rules to the game:


1. Everything will take place at this campus (UiA), From the kindergarten parking lot in the back, to Spicheren in the front. No further than the barricade (no cars thourgh here sign by building 50) to the right and Parking lot (not into the forest) on the left.

2. You will have an inventory at the top where collected objects are gathered.

3. No cheating allowed, meaning if someone has already sloved it, they can’t tell anyone else.

4 Groups are allowed, but not required.

5. Do not remove anything connected to the quest. All you need will be given.

How to play

This quest will contain riddles you have to solve in order to find the next clue.
How the riddles are expressed may vary. You’ll have to use your wits.
In the riddles you find the destination of the next riddle.
You progress by scanning QR-codes.
As you can see in the inventory, there are 4 things to find.
this book is only the start, not the entire game.
! To open the book, press close to the corners !

We wish you good luck, as you embark on your quest to figure out:

The Curse at University of Agder

You walk down an abandoned road where you find a mansion. Old and torn out, but still intact. As the madman you are, you choose to enter. Inside, you meet a large hall with live fire from the candles hanging on the walls. You look around to see, but darkness meets the eyes before the walls. A few meters ahead, you find a table and choose to sit down. On it, lays a book. Old looking, probably 300 years old. Intrigued, you grab a nearby candle and open the book. The heading reads “The Curse at University of Agder”. You proceed reading the book.

— The Quest starts now —